OET (Occupational English Test)

OET is the only test designed for the various healthcare professionals with the objective to evaluate the language communication skills of medical professionals who aspire to work in an English speaking environment like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Namibia, U.K, Dubai. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Namibia, U.K., Dubai (DHCR) accept OET.

OET Test Preparation

The test is most popular among the nurses who wish to become a Registered Nurse at Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. This test applicable to various healthcare professionals like Density, Dietetics, Medicine, Veterinary science, speech pathology, Radiography, Podiatry, Physiotherapy.

OET Modules

    Reading (Duration: 60 Minutes):-

    The reading segment is divided into two parts:

    • Part one contains 3 to 4 short text that the reader has to comb through to finish a summary with the words missing. The only idea behind this is to see if the candidate could scan the text in a short span of time lasting 15 minutes.
    • Part two is tough as it has lengthy passages updated to the healthcare issue. Each passage has 8 to 10 multiple choice questions, the candidate is required to attempt and answer all the questions in a given time frame of 45 minutes.


    Writing (Duration 45  minutes):-

    • Letter writing includes formal and informal letters, patient referral letters, hospitals admission letters, reminder letter to patients, patient discharge letter, etc.


    Listening (Duration 50 minutes):-

    The test is divided into two segments:

    • First part of the segment comprises a conversation between a patient and the professional wherein you are required to take important notes and affix heading.
    • The second part includes a conversation between a professional and patient on a health-related issue. Questions relevant to the conversation are required to be answered by the candidate. These questions may be of multiple choices.

OET Grading at a Glance

    • This is the highest grade you can achieve in OET. This showcases your language skills and expertise.
    • This reflects a high end of the performance that reflects your linguistic skills.
    • This is a moderate level of performance necessitating the candidates to work more on improvement.

Who Recognizes OET

OET is accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and healthcare bodies and council in various countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore recently the UK also includes work visa and student visa.